Throw your scale away!

Are you fustrated with the number on your scale?

There is something that counts more than your weight and that is your body composition. As I started my weight loss journey I soon realized that it is all about the ratio of fat and muscle in the body.

Contrary to what I used to believe. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. Think about it…5 lbs of anything is still 5 lbs. What the difference is that muscle is denser than fat and is more compact. Therefore it takes up less space.

This is why 2 people with the same height and weight could wear 2 totally different clothing sizes. So, before you get fustrated about your weight gain think about what is the right composition for your body.

There are products out there that can help with fat loss and body composition. Choosing the right ones can be tricky but these are the elements you should look for:

1. Do they accelerate fat reduction and fat cell formation?

2. Does it support fat burning metabolism?

3. Does it restore young youthful skin while improving muscle tone?

4. Does it block fat from going into your bloodstream?

These are elements that will dramatically change your weight loss journey.

Celebrate you. Throw away your scale!

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