Don’t sleep on the toast point!

I can’t believe all my life I missed out on the hidden food treasure of toast points. I remember I was recently introduced to them on my wedding anniversary dinner cruise with my loving husband.

We both love dips especially spinach and buffalo chicken dip so it only made sense for us to try the spinach dip on the menu. But when we read the menu it didn’t mention chips or crackers like we usually eat with dip…instead it was served with toast points.

Although at the time we had no idea what a toast point was we were curious to try them and we were addicted ever since. Bye bye ritz crackers. Hello toast points. If you are unfamiliar with what toast points’s okay because I was the same way. But luckily I realized that it’s super simple. All it is is toasted pita bread.

When we found out how easy it was to make we made it all the time with all of our dips. Check out the simple toast point recipe below.


Package of pita bread

Tbs of butter

Dash of garlic and herb Mrs. Dash

Toast pita bread in toaster. Cut in triangles with knife or pizza cutter. While still warm spread butter on all toast points and spinkle garlic and herb seasoning on each point.

What is the one food that you never had as a kid but now are addicted to?

I can’t wait to here your story!

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