Raising Girls

My whole life I dreamed of having a little girl because growing up I was my parents’ only daughter. I remember playing dress up and playing with my dolls wishing I had a big sister to play with. So when I was blessed to have my daughter after having two boys, I was in love. Having a daughter is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I was used to buying boy clothes that when my daughter Kailey was born I went all out. She had too many clothes so much I ended up giving a bunch away because she outgrew them so fast.

This weekend my 4 year daughter went on her first date. Now before you think I am crazy..she went to a daddy daughter dance with her father.

First she wasn’t too impressed.

She fell asleep on the way there.

But then she had the time of her life!

She took lots of pictures.

One with her date.

And some glam shots!

Her experience at the dance was more than I could ask for. She said her dad was a good dancer but she had lots of fun dancing with all the girls there.

Fathers cherish the times you have with your daughters because before you know it they will grow up and leave the nest.

Oh how I wish my Kailey would stay 4 forever.

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