Why I ditched my backpack purse for a clutch purse.

I have always had issues with neck pain but recently it became so unbearable that I had to go see someone about it. When your left arm becomes weak and numb it probably is a good sign that its time to see a specialist and that is what happened to me. Well after a series of tests including blood tests, ct scans and a MRI I was referred to a neurologist who said that the MRI showed I have bulging discs in my spine which caused shifting to my left

side. This was the reason why my left arm was having issues and why I was having shoulder pains. Unfortunately there isnt much that can be done about it besides taking steroids. The steroids only help with the inflammation but doesn’t cure the problem. As far as the pain. I have to take opiods and pray they work. So needless to say I had to make sure avoid anything that will cause flareups in my spine which is the reason why I made the decison to ditch my backpack purse and only use a clutch.

Although I loved my backpack purse.

There have been so many benefits of using a smaller clutch.

The first benefit is the clutch doesn’t hurt my back.

Also, I can find my belongings much easier. My keys would constantly get lost in the black hole of my backpack purse.

Having the clutch prevents me from cluttering. Now I only take the necessities such as credit cards, driver license, and of course lip gloss.

Lastly my clutch is super cute. I constantly get compliments on it. The black and gold color goes well with all my outfits.

My clutches are all handmade by awesome intelligent women in Uganda and what is so special about it is that every purchase helps pay for their tuition to universities.

For more info about them visit..


Let’s Get You Paid!

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