How to make custom mugs

As the holidays approach I knew I had to start on my DIY holiday gift ideas. The great thing about DIY projects is that you can make them for a multitude of friends and family without breaking your bank. Below I will teach you how to make custom mugs that will be great as teacher gifts as well.

For the video go Here.

What you will need:

1 coffee mug ( I purchase all of mine at the dollar store).


Oil based sharpie

2D pencil

Printout of your design

Modge Podge

To begin, get your mug of choice and clean the outside of it really well so that no dust particles are left on it and dry. Print out a design you would like to a size that will fit perfectly on your cup. You could google a favorite saying or create your own on Word documents. If you don’t have a printer you can draw the design yourself on printer paper.

Next, you will cut the design to fit your cup and color the back with your 2D pencil. This helps to transfer the design to your cup.

After prepping your print design, center on cup and tape so that when you trace over the design it doesn’t move. Once taped, trace over the design with a pen or pencil so that it transfer’s to mug. Make sure you press hard so that it shows up on your mug.

Once traced, remove design and your design will show up on cup.

Now here comes the fun part! With your oil based sharpie trace your design on cup. Once dried brush on thr modge podge gloss all over cup. It acts as a glossy sealant for your design.

This is the important part but it’s a must so that your design stays on mug even after dishwasher use. Wait 72 hours before baking. This ensures that the design and gloss are dry enough to bake.

Lastly, preheat oven to 350 degrees and place in oven while preheating. You will need to keep mug in oven for 30 minutes. Turn off oven and leave mug in until the oven cools completely to prevent your mug from cracking.

And Whah La your inexpensive gift is complete!

If you would like to save some time creating mugs check out my shop HERE for all your holiday gift needs!

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