How to make hand made Christmas ornaments

I decided to start this project because lets face it. Our kids grow like weeds and it’s the worse feeling to throw away clothes your kids outgrow.

I also wanted to have fun doing a craft with my children. I have a 12 year old, 8 year old, and a 3 year old that keep me on my toes.

So during the holiday season it only seemed right to make handmade Christmas ornaments. I honestly couldn’t afford to buy Christmas ornaments every year and they always seem so impersonal. So I rushed down to my local Michael’s store and bought a pack of 6 wooden circle cut outs and the rest was history. Now the ones I bought did not come with holes so I used my handy dandy grommet kit to make holes in them. I got the kit from Amazon.

Then my kiddies painted their ornaments their favorite color.

I found some of their old patterned clothes they outgrew and cut them into shapes. So here is a designer tip. Save some of your children’s garments for fabric especially stripes, polka dots and plaids. These designs are popular over the holidays.

I loved using garments with buttons attached because it gave the ornaments dimension.

This project I will always remember because I get to keep a piece of my childrens’ childhood with me on an ornament.

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